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About the LifeWatch Marine Virtual Research Environment (VRE)

As an outcome of the 2nd LifeWatch e-Infrastructure Construction Operational Meeting in Granada in early 2014, a LifeWatch Marine Meeting was organized from 3rd-5th of June 2014 at the Hellenic Centre of Marine Research (HCMR) in Crete. This meeting was attended by representatives of regional LifeWatch projects in Spain, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Belgium and the EU funded projects BioVeL, MicroB3, ViBRANT and EMODnet.

During this meeting it was discussed how several marine resources, data bases, data systems, web services, tools, etc. could be brought together into one marine virtual research environment (VRE). The outcome of these fruitful discussions is this portal, which can be considered as a first bottom-up development demonstrating potential and capability emulating the LifeWatch objectives. For future versions of the marine VRE we aim to further increase the integration and interaction between the presented components.