BEQI Calculation Tool

Benthic Ecological Quality Index calculation tool

The Benthic Ecological Quality Index (BEQI) is one of the biological indices used to assess the state of the benthos of coastal and transitional waters for the Water Framework Directive. BEQI follows a multilevel approach proposed by Ysebaert & Herman (2004).

The three assessed levels are: flow cytometer data

Real-time monitoring of phytoplankton in the Belgian Part of the North Sea GPS tracking network for large birds GPS tracking network for large birds

World Register of Introduced Marine Species (WRIMS)

World Register of Introduced Marine Species (WRIMS)

WRIMS records which marine species in the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) have been introduced deliberately or accidentally by human activities to geographic areas outside their native range. It excludes species that colonized new locations naturally (so called 'range extensions'), even if in response to climate change.

Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)

Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)


Biological Index Calculation Tool (BICT)

The Biological Index Calculation Tool (BICT) is an online tool available via OBOE (Oxford Batch Operation Engine). BICT calculates various different biological indices frequently used in ecological, conservation and environmental health assessment studies.

Phytoplankton atlas

Phytoplankton bio-imaging atlas

Nordic Microalgae

Nordic Microalgae and Aquatic Protozoa

The Nordic Microalgae website is a source of information about microalgae and related organisms in the Nordic area, i.e. the Baltic Sea, the North East Atlantic and lakes, rivers and streams in the area. This site is of use for science, education, environmental monitoring, etc.

Plankton Toolbox

Plankton Toolbox

The Plankton Toolbox is a free tool for aquatic scientists, and others, working with environmental monitoring related to phyto- and zooplankton. 

Features include:

ISS Phytoplankton Tool

ISS Phytoplankton Tool (ISS-Phyto)

The ISS-Phyto represents a new size spectra sensitivity-based approach to ecological status assessment in transitional waters. This index integrates simple size structure metrics with phytoplankton biomass, taxonomic richness thresholds and models of phytoplankton size class sensitivity to anthropogenic disturbance.