Biological Index Calculation Tool (BICT)

The Biological Index Calculation Tool (BICT) is an online tool available via OBOE (Oxford Batch Operation Engine). BICT calculates various different biological indices frequently used in ecological, conservation and environmental health assessment studies.


Developed by: 

Virtual Biodiversity Research and Access Network for Taxonomy (ViBRANT) (EU FP7 project).

Used data resources: 

BICT calculates biodiversity indices on data submitted by the user and returns calculated data as well as a graphical report.

Web services: 

The following indices can be calculated:

  1. Number of Individuals (N)
  2. Species Richness (S)
  3. Shannon Index (H')
  4. Pielou's Index (J')
  5. Margalef's Index (d)
  6. Rarefaction
  7. Average Taxonomic Distinctness
  8. Variation in Taxonomic Distinctness
  9. Biological Quality Index (BQI and BQIfam)
  10. AMBI (BI)
  11. BENTIX index

For more detailed information on each index, click here.