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ASSEMBLE Plus datasets collection

The ASSEMBLE Plus (Association of European Marine Biological Laboratories Expanded) project is a consortium of 24 partners and 35 marine stations. Its two main functions are the Joint Research Activities, performing research on genomics observatories, cyrobanking, marine instrumentation, scientific diving, and functional genomics, and Transnational Access calls, for scientists to carry our research projects at the participating marine stations.

The data that are produced by all of these research activities are gathered in the ASSEMBLE Plus datasets collection. In addition to these research data, a large range of datasets that the participating marine stations have collected over the years are also available to browse. The geographic scope of these datasets reflects the locations of the marine stations: from the North Sea around Europe to the Mediterranean, and further afield to the Antarctic and Caribbean. The themes covered by the datasets are broad: ecology and biodiversity, water composition, physical parameters, fisheries, pollution, .... A particular focus of this collection are the long-term ecosystem data series – LTEDS and LTEDS:biological – which are children of the main collection.  


Developed by: 
ASSEMBLE Plus operates under the leadership of the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC). ASSEMBLE Plus recieves funding from Horizon2020 and participates in its Open Research Data pilot.
Technology or platform: 
The ASSEMBLE Plus datasets collection is held in IMIS, and the linked datasets are held in various archives.